St. Anthony's Chapel

Troy Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In early 2012, St. Anthony's Chapel, a historic pilgrimage site in Pittsburgh's Troy Hill neighborhood, contacted us about rebuilding their pipe organ. The original instrument by an unknown builder had been installed in 1892 upon completion of the building. Over the years, other firms removed and replaced the original console, mechanism, and almost all of the pipework with low grade materials. Very little remained of the original organ by the early 2000s except for three ranks of pipes and the twin gothic cases. After limping along for 40 years the mechanism began to fail rapidly. The chapel essentially needed a new organ while retaining as much of the remaining original material as possible. The organ cases were restructured for better stability, and a new swell box was constructed. All new main wind chests and several offset wind chests were constructed, and the winding system was overhauled. The console from the most recent rebuild in 1972 was completely rebuilt with new tracker touch manuals, stop rail, pedal key coverings, and solid state combination system. All high quality pipework that could be reused was retained, rescaled, and revoiced. The facade pipes have been reconditioned and repainted, with one set restored to speak again after decades of silence. Vintage pipework from Luley & Associates inventory replaced the poor quality pipework, with the entire instrument voiced along late 19th century English tonal lines.


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