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Calvary Episcopal Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Over the past several years, Calvary Episcopal Church has contracted with Luley & Associates to make revisions and repairs to its 1963/1991 Casavant Freres organ (IV/135). These revisions include: the replacement of the Recit chorus reeds; the addition of several new ranks of flue pipes; recomposition and revoicing of several Mixtures; the addition of the 8' Tuba Mirabilis on the Grand Orgue; the replacement of the Antiphonal 8' Trompette en Chamade; revoicing of select existing flue pipework; replacement of the Solid State control system; replacement and expansion of the console coupler rail and controls; new face plates for pistons and stop knobs. Currently we are installing a new Pedal 32' Ophecleide unit, which will speak at 32', 16', and 8' pitches. 


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