St. Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic Church

16' Bourdon pipes awaiting installation

Pedal 16' Subbass pipes awaiting cleaning and reinstallation.

1959 Moller console from St. Anthony's church, gutted prior to refitting.

1916 Estey Viole before restoration and revoicing as the 8' Voix Celeste

The refurbished 1916 Estey pipes for the 8' Voix Celeste

Great 4' Octave pipes awaiting voicing.

The Great 8' Open Diapason on the voicing chest.

The Swell 8' Salicional on the voicing chest.

The Swell 2-2/3 Nasard on the voicing chest

Console combination action system installed.

Former St. Anthony Moller console with new stop rail prior to finishing.

Framing of the main swell wind chest