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Dr. Lester Griel Residence

In 2019 we were asked to undertake a major rebuilding of a turn-of-the-century tracker instrument by a lesser known builder in central Pennsylvania. The organ, built in 1900 by C.F. Durner of Quakerstown, had not been assembled and playable since 1978, and had suffered heavy damage from water, rodents, and corrosion. The majority of pipes and all of the mechanism could not be saved, however much of the instrument, including the beautiful solid walnut casework and key desk, were able to be rebuilt. The end result has become a sweet and mellow instrument of 14 ranks with 18 speaking stops, installed in a custom-built room which allows the organ to speak into the living room.


8' Open Diapason

8' Stopped Diapason

8' Viola d'Gamba

8' Dulciana

4' Octave

2-2/3 Twelfth

2' Fifteenth

Swell to Great 16

Swell to Great 8

Swell to Great 4


8' Chimney Flute

8' Salicional

8' Voix Celeste tc

4' Harmonic Flute

8' Oboe


Swell to Swell 16

Swell to Swell 4


16' Subbass

16' Bourdon

8' Open Diapason

4' Octave

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

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