Duquesne University

Mary Pappert School of Music

Teaching Studio Organ

1967 publicity photo by Moller

1967 publicity photo by Moller
1967 publicity photo by Moller

Old layout. The boards in at the front of the instrument were a stop-gap measure to shield listeners against the mixtures. The Positiv was located up top, and the Great down low.

The console as originally designed. 19 stops, 4 pistons with tripper combination system.

Pipe removal begins

The most hated stop on the organ for 45 years, the Positiv Cymbel III, is gone for good.

Positiv pipework removed. Note the different racking for the former 4' Prestant when it was moved up an octave to convert it to an 8' stop.

Pneumatic switches over the low octave of the former 4' Prestant actions. These contacts ran to an offset chest with an octave of poorly recycled Violin Diapason pipes. While inventive, over time the actions became sluggish and unreliable.

Gutting the old mechanism.

Cutting raw poplar lumber for new wind chests.

Table boards for two new offset chests.

Planing down the new Positiv 2' Principal rackboard.